Wadden Sea World Heritage Logo Application of Use

by a third party

The Wadden Sea World Heritage logo is a registered trademark and was designed to communicate the property of the Wadden Sea consistently and as one trans-boundary entity. The logo is used for all non-commercial information and awareness raising activities not directly related to commercial products (such as general information about the World Heritage) but also in commercial context through licensing and merchandising agreements.

Please fill out this form and send it to us, if you which to use the logo. Please consult the Logo Use & Technical Guidelines.


Commercial use – trademark licensing agreement

Use of the logo in connection with any commercial or for profit purpose requires a license agreement and payment of royalties. If you wish to use the logo in this way in order to promote your goods and/or services, you should contact CWSS for further information and conditions.


Non-commercial use

Editorial content

For non-commercial use, the logo can be displayed only in an editorial context (within an article, calendar, photo series etc.) in order to show the support for and to inform about the Wadden Sea World Heritage:

Typical usage is:

  • in a newspaper or magazine article about the Wadden Sea World Heritage
  • in a text or book chapter dealing with the Wadden Sea World Heritage (but not to promote the text, publication or other goods or services)
  • on a blog or website for descriptive purposes
  • in a non-commercial presentation about the Wadden Sea World Heritage

All of the following minimum requirements must be met for the logo to be included in a publication:

  • CONTEXT: consists of information about the entire Wadden Sea World Heritage and its values
  • ATTRIBUTION: reference to the official website (www.waddensea-worldheritage.org)
  • NON-COMMERCIAL: not connected with or engaged in specific commercial products/off ers/business

Non-commercial use of the logo by a stakeholder, or as part of non-commercial information, generally does not require payment of royalties.