Wadden Sea Education at a glance: New IWSS website

The website of the International Wadden Sea School (IWSS), www.iwss.org, has a new face and many new features.

Most important innovation: The section "Resources" replaces the IWSS Teachers’ Lounge of the old website and offers all current IWSS materials for download or to order.

A new newsletter will inform at irregular intervals about new products and interesting facts about Wadden Sea education.

As a common platform for world heritage site education in the Danish, German and Dutch Wadden Sea region, the website is written in English. Resources and information offered in Danish, German and Dutch are easily accessible via corresponding language filters in the sections "Resources" and "News".

Links to national educational programs complement the IWSS offers and a map provides an overview of the visitor centres in the entire Wadden Sea region. The IWSS website is being continuously expanded and complements the Wadden Sea World Heritage website, which is currently also being revised.