Call for submissions to the Fish Migration Award

The World Fish Migration Foundation partners with Wildlife Forever to promote aquatic conservation through art by collaborating on their State-Fish Art contest. As a part of the contest, the organisers created the international Fish Migration Award with Jeremy Wade as ambassador. Children ages 5-18 can submit their wonderful illustrations and the winners will be announced on World Fish Migration Day (May 16, 2020). This global competition is an opportunity for young children to connect to one another and show how their Love Flows for migratory fishes. In this message from Jeremy Wade you will learn about the details of the how you can apply.

World Fish Migration Day is a one-day global celebration to create worldwide awareness of the importance of freshwater migratory fish and free-flowing rivers. On World Fish Migration Day, thousands of organizations, schools, and communities organize their local events to educate and excite people about migratory fish species and our collective reliance on healthy freeflowing rivers. These events help reach students, teachers, resource managers, commercial and recreational anglers, as well as those who influence public policy that affect rivers. It is the goal of the foundation, its partners and supporters that this day reconnects people back to their rivers and the fish that inhabit them. Individual event organization and promotion is done through local initiative inspired and supported by the World Fish Migration Foundation. At the local level, the logo and central message of World Fish Migration Day, “Connecting fish, rivers and people” will be used to connect sites around the world. The day will start in New Zealand and follow the sun around the world, ending in Hawaii.