Nationalpark Vadehavet publishes fact sheets on school trips to the Danish Wadden Sea

The Prowad Link partner National Vadehavet (Danish Wadden Sea National Park) has developed a set of fact sheets in the project’s framework. The fact sheets are directed towards teachers, who are planning class trips to the Danish part of the Wadden Sea World Heritage. They include information on places to visit as well as on information centres and other attractions that offer materials or guided tours for school children. Targeting Danish teachers in particular, the new material is available in Danish on the Wadden Sea interpreter’s website The Nationalpark aims at making the planning process easier and the school trip more sustainable through a one-stop-shop of information for the teachers without inside knowledge of the Wadden Sea area.

The transnational Interreg project Prowad Link aims to unlock the potential of nature as a driver for jobs and sustainable development. This is achieved by working directly with SMEs to develop nature as a brand, creating mutual benefits for SMEs and the natural environment. 14 partners from five countries (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and United Kingdom) are working in collaboration to build knowledge about sustainable business operations in touristic nature areas and to develop sustainable products and services.