25th November, 2019

Wadden Sea Board met in Wilhelmshaven (WSB 30)

On 21 November 2019 the 30th meeting of the Wadden Sea Board was held.

4th November, 2019

Harbour seals population thriving in the Wadden Sea

The Expert Group Seals (EG-Seals) of the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation estimates a total of 40,800 harbour seals in their newly published 2019 harbour seal report.

25th September, 2019

Werelderfgoed Waddenzee onder druk door klimaatverandering

Nieuw IPCC-rapport onderstreept het belang van Deens-Nederlands-Duitse samenwerking.

10th July, 2019

Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative publishes key findings of latest assessment report

The recently published brochure "Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative: Linking the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site with tropical wetlands and the Arctic tundra" gives an overview about results of the flyway monitoring within the Wadden Sea Flyway Initiative.

8th July, 2019

Nieuwe governance structuur voor Nederlandse Waddenzee

Voorgestelde wijziging van de governance structuur moet de coördinatie zowel van het Waddenbeleid als van het Waddenbeheer versterken.

2nd July, 2019

Grey seal population in the Wadden Sea steadily growing

In 2018-2019, 6,538 individuals were counted in the Danish-Dutch-German Wadden Sea and Helgoland.