Wadden Sea Ecosystem 15: Trilateral Seal Management

Common and Grey Seals in the Wadden Sea

TSEG-plus Report March/June 2001. Trilateral Seal Expert Group 2002.

The report "Evaluation of the status of the Common and Grey Seal population in the Wadden Sea" including an assessment whether the Seal Management Plan needs to be revised and amended" was prepared by the extended Trilateral Seal Expert Group (TSEG-plus) and submitted to the TWG/SO in March/June 2001. On the basis of the TSEG-plus Report a new Seal Management Plan was prepared and adopted at the Governmental Conference in Esbjerg in October 2001.


Citation: CWSS (2002) Shellfish Fisheries. An Overview of Policies for Shellfish Fishing in the Wadden Sea. Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 15. Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Wilhelmshaven, Germany.