Wadden Sea Ecosystem 14: Wadden Sea Specific Eutrophication Criteria

In this 2001-report the results of a literature study and data analysis aiming at developing Wadden Sea specific eutrophication criteria are presented. The study was necessary to specify the trilateral Ecological Target "to achieve a Wadden Sea which can be regarded as a eutrophication Non-Problem Area", which has been adopted at the 7th Trilateral Governmental Wadden Sea Conference (Leeuwarden, NL, 1994). The work was done in close cooperation with activities in the framework of the OSPAR Common Procedure through which the whole OSPAR Convention Area will be designated as either Non-Problem, Potential-Problem or Problem Area with regard to eutrophication.


Citation: van Beusekom, J.E.E., H. Fock, F. de Jong, S. Diel-Christiansen, B. Christiansen (2001) Wadden Sea Specific Eutrophication Criteria. Wadden Sea Ecosystem No. 14. Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Wilhelmshaven, Germany.