Webinar: Outcomes of the Wadden Sea World Heritage brand audit 2022



In this 45-minute webinar on 23 November at 09:00 CET, Inspektour will present online the results of the stakeholder survey conducted in June 2022 and the outcomes of the first Wadden Sea World Heritage brand audit. Conducted by Ellen Böhling and Juliane Reich of Inspektour, an important part of the online presentation are the findings on the brand implementation and application on local level as well as general awareness and engagement. We would like to share insights on Wadden Sea World Heritage brand perceptions, as well as the status quo of the Wadden Sea World Heritage brand performance.

The audit was conducted in the framework of PROWAD Link and is largely based on a trilateral stakeholder survey, which provided us with a very valuable to review and assess precisely brand activation and to provide us with a detailed analysis that shows how the Wadden Sea World Heritage brand is currently performing and how it is being communicated both internally and externally. PROWAD Link is co-funded by and carried out in the framework of the Interreg North Sea Region Programme under the Programme Priority 1 “Thinking Growth” and the Specific Objective 1.1. “Develop new or improved partnerships between businesses, knowledge institutions, public administrations and end users with a view to long-term cooperation (post project) on developing products and services.” The programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union.

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