Dat Watt by Oris, celebrates the Wadden Sea and its protection

The name, Dat Watt, is inspired by the name for the Wadden Sea in the local German dialect, and fdisplays the lunar cycle and tidal range in the Northern Hemisphereon its dial. The watch is the first cooperation that has been undertaken between the Wadden Sea and a private enterprise, and parts of the proceeds of the sales of the watch will go towards projects that will focus on the protection of the site.

The cooperation with Oris also serves as a way to enhance awareness of the Wadden Sea and the trilateral work that goes in to protecting the integrity of the site and maintaining our Outstanding Universal Value. This cooperation follows the main principles of the regulatory framework that UNESCO has adopted for cooperation with the private sectors (PACT – Partnerships for Conservation), which focuses on how the partners cooperate: common purpose with mutual benefit, ethical standards, transparency, accountability and sustainability.

This venture highlights the possibilities of showing both how Wadden Sea World Heritage provides benefits for companies, and in turn supports Wadden Sea protection, serving as pilot project for potential future cooperation with other companies sponsoring or funding trilateral activities in the framework of the partnership hub and foundation.

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