Kurswechsel Küste / Changing the coastal course

Book in German. Sea level rise is accelerating, threatening the sustainability of the four million people who live in the lowlands and on the islands of the German North Sea coast. This book, intended to stimulate an animated public dialogue about the future of this important region, draws from the natural and human history of Germany’s North Sea Coast. It discusses and evaluates recent research on changes in mean sea level rise and storm surges in the North Sea. It makes a spirited argument for new ways that the inhabitants of coastal cities,  lowlands and islands in this region could respond to the changes they will face in the decades ahead. This book suggests how to begin the (long overdue) public dialogue on sustainable coastal development in face of an inevitable acceleration in sea level rise. Reise, K. (Hrsg.) (2015): Changing the coastal course. What to do about North Sea Rising? Kiel, Hamburg: Wachholtz Verlag (in German).  

Communication and education
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Scientific report