Marine phosphorescence watching

Tourist-Info Neuharlingersiel (dike-side)

There are natural lights in the sea. Reports of seafarers about a marine lights were laughed at for a long time. Today we know that the glow is produced by tiny unicellular organisms that float in the sea. External stimuli such as waves or your feet in the water cause the little animals to shine.

As part of a nightly beach visit, let yourself be carried away by the magic of the ocean light. You will be accompanied by the biologist Bernd Koopmann, who will help you to find out what makes living beings shine.

NB: marine phosphorescence is a natural phenomenon that needs its conditions. The appearance therefore cannot not guaranteed.

Please bring slim-fitted old socks or sneakers or surf shoes as well as a flashlight and a towel.

The one-hour event starts at 22.45.

Please register at Tourist-Info Neuharlingersiel via e-mail, phone (+49 4974 188 0) or in person.

Adults: 9€. Children: 6€. 1€ off by show of "Nordsee-ServiceCard".

The event's language is German.

How to reach the location with public transportation: Take Bus "Küstenlinie" to "Hafen" (1€ by show of "Nordsee-ServiceCard").