House tour with culinary delight


Nationalpark-Haus Carolinensiel

On this special tour you get a brief historical insight into over 100-year old "Pastorei" (pastor house), in which the National Park House Carolinensiel is located. Learn interesting facts about the origin of the Harle Bay and about the Wadden Sea with its natural forces of ebb and flow. At the saltwater aquarium you will also get to know some of the inhabitants of the sea. At the end of the tour treat yourself to small delicious samples from the National Park House shop.

The 1.5-hour event starts at 15.00.

Please register at Nationalpark-Haus Carolinensiel via e-mail, phone (+49 4464 8403) or in person.

Adults: 8€, Kids (6-14): 4€.

The event's language is German. Accessibility to all is given.