Agreement of Ribe: Dutch stakeholders team up for wider cooperation

During a working visit to the Danish town of Ribe, more than twenty organizations and governmental authorities from Groningen and Friesland entered into the "Ribe agreement". They agreed to work together on "a future with respect for nature, with an eye for economic interests and where life is good" for the Eastern part of the Wadden Sea and the Lauwersmeer. The ultimate goal is to share the pride and care for the area with everyone.

Connecting, Dedicated, Curious and Leading
The "Ribe agreement" is based on a World Heritage Community formed by the organizations involved, with room for other organizations to join in the future. The World Heritage Center in Lauwersoog is meant to become a "home" for this community. Over the next six months, this community will get to work, based on the values Connecting, Dedicated, Curious and Leading. The efforts to jointly shape the center in Lauwersoog go together with sustainable development of the area.

The signing parties are:
EHL, Manifest Lauwerskust, Vissersvereniging “Hulp in Nood”, Stichting WEC, Stichting Zeehondencentrum Pieterburen, NDC Media Groep, gemeente Het Hogeland, de Waddenvereniging, Natuurmonumenten, Rijkswaterstaat, gemeente Nordeast Fryslân, Staatsbosbeheer, Waterschap Noorderzijlvest, Stichting Wad Duurzaam, N.G. Shipyards, Waddenzee Werelderfgoed (NL), Waddenacademie, Duurzame Haven Coalitie Lauwersoog, Schierzicht, Lauwersoog, Stichting Geïntegreerde Visserij.

Source: Wadden Sea World Heritage Nederland