Neobiota in the Wadden Sea

Including recommendations for a trilateral strategy

This inventory was carried out in cooperation with GoConsult (Hamburg, Germany) between May and August 2011. For each of the five topics mentioned above (developments in) policies & legal aspects and monitoring & research programmes were addressed and main gaps and recommendations were identified. Several experts in the field of alien species in Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands were contacted to provide input into this inventory, but most information was gathered at scientific meetings, interviews with expert groups, and through a literature review and Internet search.


Bouma, S., Gollasch, S., Lengkeek, W. (2011). Neobiota in the Wadden Sea including recommendtions for a trilateral strategy. Report nr 11-097. Prepared for Programma Rijke Waddenzee and the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Wilhelmshaven, Germany. 80 pp.