Nationalpark Vadehavet celebrates 10th anniversary

On the 16 October 2010 His Royal Highness Prince Joachim inaugurated the Danish National Park Wadden Sea, in Danish “Nationalpark Vadehavet”, giving life to one of the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat’s close partners. The Nationalpark Vadehavet is the largest national park in Denmark and the only national park of a transboundary site sharing the Wadden Sea with Germany and Netherlands, recognised by UNESCO as World Heritage site. The National Park Secretariat’s team, now counting 9 staff members, has become a strong partner within the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation, including within Interreg projects such as Prowad Link, and close colleagues to the CWSS staff.

Happy anniversary wish the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat and the Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation!