Wadden Sea World Heritage strengthens ties with Korean Getbol at ISWSS

A delegation of the Korea Marine Environment Management Cooperation (KOEM) took part in the 14th International Scientific Wadden Sea Symposium. Ju-Young Lee, KOEM Assistant Manager, presented the Korean marine monitoring programme to more than 130 scientists from Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands.

“The multidisciplinary character of the symposium was fascinating to me”, says Byong-Seol Koh, Team Head and Senior Researcher at KOEM, “In our monitoring programme we worry about quality control and the connectivity of disciplines. So seeing so many scientists of different fields gather to discuss a common topic was very refreshing.” The symposium was held 8-11 May 2017 in Tønder, Denmark.

The delegation also met with representatives of the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs to discuss options for cooperation in the next few years. “Our partnership has come to a point where we can concentrate on learning from each other and growing together,” says Koh, “When I visited the Wadden Sea for the first time ten years ago, I needed time to understand the Wadden Sea landscape and the Trilateral Cooperation. Now I’ve come to understand the differences but also the similar problems of Getbol and the Wadden Sea. For example, in planning our national monitoring programme that we showcased at the symposium we took into account many aspects of the Trilateral Monitoring and Assessment Programme.” Like the Wadden Sea, Getbol is an extensive tidal flat with high importance for migratory birds. The flat is located on the western and southern coasts of the Republic of Korea.