World Heritage Festival in Meldorf

Festival programme from 11 to 18:30 with bike tour to "Wattwurm" in Speicherkoog.


World Heritage Festival in Büsum

Festival programme with short bike tours around Büsum.


World Heritage Festival Cuxhaven-Sahlenburg

Stop of the Anniversary Bike Tour in Cuxhaven with activities, exhibition visits and more.


World Heritage Festival in St. Peter-Ording

World Heritage Festival and stop of the Anniversary Bike Tour


World Heritage Market Husum

Festival celebrating the end of the Danish stage of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Anniversary Bike Tour 2019.

17th May, 2019

Pedal for the Wadden Sea: Transboundary bike tour in June celebrates 10th anniversary of World Heritage designation

“One Wadden Sea. Two wheels. Three countries.” is the slogan of a unique bike tour that will take place from 18 to 30 June 2019 in the Wadden Sea World Heritage Destination.


Jubilæums-cykeltur 2019

Jubilæumscykelturen vil være højdepunktet i 10 års jubilæumsfejringen. To cyklistgrupper vil starte i henholdsvis Ho Bugt, Danmark den 18. juni og på Vlieland i Holland den 19. juni.

18th February, 2019

“Jour Fixe” with German National Park Administrations in Wilhelmshaven

CWSS and directors and managers of the German Wadden Sea National Park Administrations met for annual "Jour Fixe".


Tag der deutschen Einheit in Kiel

Der Nationalpark Schleswig-Holsteinisches Wattenmeer beteiligt sich am Tag der Deutschen Einheit 2019 in Kiel.


Active St. Peter-Ording in the National Park

Several nature experience events in and around St. Peter-Ording.