CPSL 2nd Report

The CPSL 2 report contains an analysis of the following instruments and measures that might contribute to sustainable coastal defence strategies for the Wadden Sea: spatial planning, sand nourishment, dune management, salt marsh management techniques, mussel and sea grass beds, outbanking of summer polders, and sea dikes. The investigations were based upon two geomorphological scenarios: below breakpoint and above breakpoint. Below breakpoint, the Wadden Sea will be able to maintain its present appearance (despite moderate sea-level rise) by sediment redistribution. Above breakpoint, the Wadden Sea will not be able to balance sea-level rise and the tidal basins will start to drown, i.e., evolve in the direction of coastal lagoons (a shallow water area, separated from the open sea by barriers). The main difference to the present Wadden Sea tidal basins is that major parts of the tidal lagoons are permanently water covered.

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