39th Meeting of the Wadden Sea Board (WSB 39)

Held in Wilhelmshaven (D) on 29 November 2022


Meeting documents

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Document Number Document Upload date
WSB 39/2

WSB 39 Draft Annotated Agenda

WSB 39/3/1 Final Summary Records WSB 37 29.11.2022
WSB 39/3/2 Final Summary Records WSB 38 29.11.2022
WSB 39/4/1 Announcements by CWSS 16.11.2022
WSB 39/5.1/a Action Plan under MoU CWSS-PNBA 15.11.2022
WSB 39/5.1/b Wadden Sea Seal Management Plan 2023-2027 15.11.2022

WSB 39/5.1/c

Action Plan Sustainable Tourism 15.11.2022
WSB 39/5.1/d Joint statement eNGOs, ports, shipowners, WSF sent via e-mail
WSB 39/5.1/e Trilateral Vision on Dark Sky over Wadden Sea sent via e-mail
WSB 39/5.1/f Statement by and involvement of younger generation 15.11.2022
WSB 39/5.2/1 TMAP parameter proposals 15.11.2022
WSB 39/5.2/2 Note from Chair of TG-MA 15.11.2022