Policy statement on the Wadden Sea SWIMWAY approved

In the Leeuwarden Declaration, the Wadden Sea Board (WSB) was instructed to further develop and contribute to implementing the SWIMWAY Vision (at Annex 3 of the Leeuwarden Declaration) as an integrated approach to achieving the Trilateral Fish Targets by investigating, monitoring, managing and communicating topics concerning the ecology of fish of the Wadden Sea Area.

The Trilateral Wadden Sea SWIMWAY Vision and Action Programme (SWIMWAY, 2019) contains a policy pillar, in which “Current national and international policies and regulations which are potentially relevant to achieving the Trilateral Fish Targets will be described and analysed with regard to their contribution to the realisation of the Fish Targets. Following the analysis next steps can be identified.”

WG-Swimway and invited guests drafted a policy statement based on existing guidelines and regulations with a direct link to the Trilateral Fish Targets at European level and how these have been implemented per country and trying to analyse their contribution to the realization of these targets. The policy statement was approved by TG-M in their TG-M 21-1 meeting in January 2021 and by WG-Swimway in their WG-Swimway 21-1 meeting in February 2021.

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