Current projects of the INTERREG North Sea Region Programme

The Trilateral Wadden Sea Cooperation is currently involved in the following projects

  • 2022-2027 MANABAS COAST (INTERREG North Sea) develop an accessible and evidence-based framework for widescale implementation of so-called Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in coastal areas
  • 2023-2026 Darker Sky (INTERREG North Sea) on reducing light pollution and increasing biodiversity and ecological connectivity in the North Sea Region


Recent projects:

  • 2018-2022 PROWAD LINK (INTERREG VB) on engaging SMEs in the Nature-Business-Benefit-Cycle
  • 2017-2021 Building with Nature (INTERREG VB) on utilizing natural processes to deliver flood risk and coastal erosion management whilst enhancing ecosystem services
  • 2011-2015 PROWAD – Protect & Prosper (INTERREG IVB) on tourism and nature conservation working together