Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform

This table shows best practices such as trilateral policy and management, best practices, monitoring and assessment and activities in communication and education in the framework of the Interreg project Building with Nature. The Wadden Sea Climate Change Adaptation Information Platform includes activity outputs (such as policy reports, scientific reports, projects etc.) and can be filtered by year, document type, implementation and area as well as downloaded as CSV-file.

Year between
Title Body Year Period Implementation Principles Document type Language Area Weblinks
PACE - The future of the Wadden Sea sediment fluxes: still keeping pace with sea level rise?

The project responds to the Georisks part of the 1st transnational call for proposals on Bilateral Wadden Sea Research by aiming at assessing the present state and sensitivity to future trends in…

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2015 fnished Best practice, Monitoring and assessment Website Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Wadden Sea
Project Data Base at BfN (Federal Agency for Nature Conservation) ongoing Best practice, Monitoring and assessment, Communication and education Website German Germany
Protected Areas in Germany under Global Change - Risks and Policy Options: Climate Change in Protected Areas

At this interactive page (in German) climate change scenarios are visible for more than 4000 protected areas (including the Wadden Sea National Parks).

2009 finished Best practice, Communication and education Website English Germany
Risicokaart (risk maps)

Website showing risks in the Netherlands, amongs others Flood Risk (based on EU-Flood-risk data

Communication and education Long-term approach Map Dutch Netherlands
SafeCoast - Keeping our feet dry in the North Sea region

Safecoast was about gaining and sharing knowledge and information on coastal flood and erosion risk management between coastal management authorities in five North Sea countries: Denmark, Germany…

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2008 fnished Best practice, Policy and management Project English Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Wadden Sea

Investigation of ways to optimize the sedimentation on the Halligen under stronger sea level rise

2012 finished Best practice Website German Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, Wadden Sea

Salt water intrusion in coastal aquifers

2017 ongoing Best practice Project German Germany, Lower Saxony
Sediment budget and morphological development of the Dutch Wadden Sea: impact of accelerated sea-level rise and subsidence until 2100

Article by Wang, Z., Elias, E., Van der Spek, A., & Lodder, Q. (2018). Sediment budget and morphological development of the Dutch Wadden Sea: Impact of accelerated sea-level rise and…

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2018 Monitoring and assessment Scientific report English Netherlands, Wadden Sea
Strategie für das Wattenmeer 2100

Schleswig-Holstein State Strategy for adaptation to climate change (coastal risk management and nature conservation) in the Wadden Sea

2015 Policy and management Natural dynamics, Integration, Flexibility, Long-term approach Policy report German Schleswig-Holstein
Ten years of saltmarsh restoration in noard-fryslân Bûtendyks

The nature conservation organisation, It Fryske Gea, is committed to preserving the natural values of this area just outside the seawall and so, in 2001, initiated a trial to restore saltmarshes…

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2001-2014 Best practice, Monitoring and assessment Data report English Netherlands
TIDE - Tidal River Development

Climate Change and European estuaries

2013 finished Best practice, Monitoring and assessment, Communication and education Website English Netherlands, Germany, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein
UBA - KOMPASS ongoing Best practice, Policy and management, Monitoring and assessment, Communication and education Website English Germany

Data base for German research projects linked to the environment

ongoing Communication and education Website German Germany, Other
Vi beskytter Vestkysten / Wir schützen die Westküste

Information regarding the coastal nourishment on the Danish West Coast

2015 Communication and education Other Danish Denmark
Wave attenuation over coastal salt marshes under storm surge conditions

Coastal communities around the world face an increasing risk from flooding as a result of rising sea level, increasing storminess and land subsidence. Salt marshes can act as natural buffer zones…

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2014 Communication and education Scientific report English
XtremRisK Extreme storm surges at open coasts and estuarine areas: Risk assessment and mitigation under climate change aspects

To investigate which extreme values of storm surge components will be physically possible under the present and future climate change conditions; storm surge scenarios for which the investigated…

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2012 finished Best practice Project German Germany

Development of sustainable strategies and measures to protect the Halligen and East-Frisian Islands under climate change

2014 finished Best practice, Monitoring and assessment Project German Germany, Schleswig-Holstein